Parenting In the Heat: Dealing With Excessive Heat and Minor Burns

3 Tips to Prevent Serious Bone Fractures and Injuries

Dizziness is actually the second most common complaint heard throughout U.S. doctor's offices, and will occur in 70% of the nation's population at some point during their lifetime. Though dizzy spells can be alleviated fairly quickly, another common physical complaint takes a little longer to correct. Minor fractures can happen to anyone at any time -- they do not discriminate. [...]

Combat This Brutal Heat Wave: 4 Ways to Stay Safe This Summer

Though the fun-filled Independence Day is now behind us, the extremely hot temperature it brings certainly remains. Across the U.S., we've seen steady temperatures of near 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That heat might be enjoyable during holidays when you're on the boat or swimming in the pool, but during the rest of the summer, it's actually quite dangerous. According to the [...]

X-Ray 101: Preparation, Examination, and Afterwards

If you suffer a leg fracture, arm fracture, or any other serious bodily injury, you are in need of immediate medical attention. Though you'll discuss your injury with your doctor, you will almost certainly need an X-ray. To be comfortable during this procedure, it's helpful to know how to prepare for your first experience with X-rays. Luckily, if you are [...]
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