How Summer Fun Can Put You In Urgent Care

How Summer Fun Can Put You In Urgent Care

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  Whether you are on vacation or just spending the day at the beach. A sudden medical emergency can ruin a beautiful summer day. Lucky for you it's really easy to avoid the three most common reasons people end up in urgent care. Heat stroke, arm and leg fractures, and sun exposure can have a significant impact on your summer [...]

Understanding, Handling, and Preventing Allergic Reactions

Worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. Specifically, Americans struggle tremendously with food issues, but, unfortunately, it's not just carbs and sugar that causes problems. Major and minor allergic reactions can strike just about anyone at any time and lead to terrible medical concerns. Major allergic reactions need to be handled by medical professionals right away, but minor ones can [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Hawaii’s New Sunscreen Law

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Humans are 60% to 78% water. On hot days drinking water helps to prevent heat stress, but what about animals that live in the water? More and more scientific research is coming out now highlighting the significant impact humanity has had on marine life. Recent studies have shown that chemical sunscreens could be slowly poisoning coral reefs. Some scientists feel [...]
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