4 Great Tips For Protecting Your Body From Minor Fractures

4 Great Tips For Protecting Your Body From Minor Fractures

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Minor fractures might not be the worst injuries in the world, but they are certainly painful. Although it’s impossible to effectively prevent your body from ever suffering from minor fractures, there are plenty of things you can do to at least decrease your chances of being injured.

Here are some excellent tips for preventing fractures and keeping your body healthy and strong:

  • Get some Vitamin D — Vitamin D is essential for keeping your bones healthy because it helps strengthen your skeleton and promotes calcium absorption. Unfortunately, not a lot of adults are getting the recommended dosage of Vitamin D. Try adding some cod liver oil, salmon, canned tuna, and yogurt into your diet to boost your Vitamin D levels and prevent fractures.
  • Enjoy some wine (in moderation) — Obviously drinking too much wine is never a good idea and can cause dozens of adverse health issues. But drinking a small glass or two of wine each night can actually provide some benefits to your bone strength. Again, make sure it’s only a little bit, though, and immediately cut back if you’re drinking more than two glasses a night.
  • Remain physically active — Though your chances of suffering a bone fracture might increase if you are active and playing sports, your risks will also increase if you are too inactive. Staying physically active helps your muscles stay strong and your reflexes stay sharp. If you’re unfit and inactive, you could suffer an ankle fracture simply by getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Visit urgent care facilities — Visiting a professional urgent care doctor can help not only recover from a minor fracture but can help you understand how to better prevent these bone issues as well. Luckily, four out of five national urgent care centers provide fracture care, so consult with a doctor about your body.

If you have suffering any kind of minor fractures, however, and are in need of immediate medical assistance in Hawaii, give Island Urgent Care a call today.

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