4 Health Issues That Mean It’s Time For Urgent Care Walk Ins

4 Health Issues That Mean It’s Time For Urgent Care Walk Ins

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Medical centers that offer walk ins are extremely convenient for all kinds of busy people. Illnesses and injuries can strike anyone at anytime — so it’s nice to know that there are health clinics that you can simply walk right into and get immediate medication attention. For parents, students, or anyone with a busy work life, these clinics can be a lifesaver.

Here are some of the main health concerns that you might want to consider urgent care walk ins:

  • Fractures — If you’ve suffered a fracture of any kind, you need to seek out professional medical care immediately. Luckily, 80% of all urgent care centers provide quality fracture care and can tend to these bone breaks.
  • Dizziness — Though minor flashes of dizziness can be harmless and no cause of concern, if the problems continue or are too severe, you should seek immediate medical attention. Dizziness is actually the second most common complaint heard in doctor’s offices across the country and will occur in 70% of the nation’s population at some point during their lifetime.
  • Sore throat — Sore throats have a wide range of severity. If you’re just feeling a slight tingling in your throat, try relaxing with some tea and cough drops. If your throat issues continue, however, and feel like they are getting worse, it’s time to head to a walk in clinic. Sore throats can often lead to more intense issues like strep throats so it’s best to have medical professionals take a look.
  • Poison Ivy — If you have come in contact with poison ivy, you should seek immediate medical attention — especially if it’s your first time being infected. There is a chance that you’re severely allergic to poison ivy and you could be in serious trouble if you don’t visit a trusted medical facility right away.

If you’re in need of immediate medication assistance, whether it’s tending to minor fractures or addressing dizziness issues, visiting an urgent care facility that offers walk ins is your best bet. To get high quality medical attention in Hawaii, visit Island Urgent Care whenever you’re in need.

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