Beware of These 3 Urgent Care Center Mistakes

Beware of These 3 Urgent Care Center Mistakes

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Urgent care centers are great for handling all kinds of medical situations. Luckily, 85% of urgent care facilities are open seven days a week and can help you get back on your feet and healthy again.

Here are the primary medical reasons that people go to urgent care centers:


    • Upper respiratory tract infections like the cold, flu, or bad coughs. Over the course of a single year, 1 billion people suffer from colds across the United States.


    • Joint and muscle sprains and strains. Back pain and muscle pain happen all of the time and can be extremely painful — so it’s best to get help right away.


    • Urinary tract infection (UTIs) are often painful and need to be addressed right away.


Additionally, it’s important to avoid making some of these common heath clinic-related mistakes whenever you’re visiting a medical center:


    • Now knowing your personal information — If you don’t know your insurance information prior to heading into urgent care, you’re going to struggle to get taken care of right away. No one wants to deal with these complicated problems, so be sure to call your insurance provider and find out all your information.


    • Trying to only get refills on your prescriptions — Urgent care facilities can write prescriptions for medicine like anti-inflammatory painkillers and acne medications, but you won’t be able to get a refill unless you schedule an appointment at the center and the practitioner approves it.


    • Treating the urgent care facility as an emergency room — If it’s not an emergency situation like heart attack, a stroke, severe bleeding, or other life-threatening concerns, you should be fine heading to an urgent care facility. If you’re not sure what kind of health care you need, simply call a medical professional and inquire before your visit.


Make sure you are taking care of yourself all the time and know when to visit high-quality medical centers. If you are in need of medical assistance and want to visit high-quality urgent care centers, visit Island Urgent Care right away.

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