Why You Should Consider Urgent Care Walk In Clinics: Part 1

Why You Should Consider Urgent Care Walk In Clinics: Part 1

walk in clinicWalk in clinics are excellent destinations for anyone who is experiencing a serious medical issue. Rather than calling your doctor and trying to schedule a meeting in the near future, which isn’t always that near, visit urgent care facilities if you’re in need of medical attention. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider an urgent care clinic.

They provide fracture care services

If you fracture any bone in your body, you’re not only going to be in serious pain, but you’re also going to be worried about what your next step should be. Rather than fighting the pain over an extended period of time and scheduling an appointment with your doctor, simply visiting a walk in clinic can help you get the right kind of fracture care you deserve. Roughly 80% of all urgent care centers provide quality fracture care.

They are much more convenient for immediate pain

Like fracture issues, if you’re experiencing any amount of severe pain, it can be almost unbearable to wait more than an hour or two — much less a day or two — for health care services. Urgent care facilities, however, are much more accommodating for individuals who are in need of immediate medical attention.

They offer excellent medical services

Just because you’re getting immediate medical attention doesn’t mean that you’re not getting high quality care. Many urgent care clinics have some of the most qualified and experienced medical professionals in the world. Don’t think for one second that you’re getting lower quality medical service because you’re visiting a walk in clinic. These facilities can help you get rid of any immediate pain and help you get back to feeling good again.

They are much more affordable than emergency rooms

According to a Milliman study, between 44% and 65% of all emergency room situations could have been avoided and successfully treated in urgent care clinics. Don’t go to the emergency room and up spending more money on care when you could have your pain treated at a walk in clinic.

Keep an eye out for part two to find out more reasons why urgent care centers are your best bet for medical attention. If you’re in need of an urgent care facility, visit Island Urgent Care today.

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