Our Favorite Uncommon Tips for Fighting the Common Cold

Our Favorite Uncommon Tips for Fighting the Common Cold

careEvery year, Americans get more than one billion colds. And, as everyone knows, the return of pumpkin spice lattes also signals the return of cold and flu season. Since it’s almost impossible to prevent yourself from catching colds throughout your entire life, you might as well learn how to better cope with this illness.

We all know the classic advice: get rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat soup, and little things like that. But there are plenty of other things you can do to fight a serious cold that are a little more creative. If you’ve tried fluids and cold medicine to no avail, here are a few uncommon ways to combat your cold this year.

Listen to jazz music

Yes, we mean it. Research has shown that listening to jazz for at least 30 minute actually boosts Immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels in the body. IgA is an immune protein that plays an important role in fighting back against infections. Jazz actually continues to help the body for up to an additional half-hour once the music has stopped, too. In addition to jazz music, you can also listen to bluegrass, soft rock, and choral music to fight your cold.

Exercise a little bit

Don’t over do it, as too much strain can further stress out your immune system, but working out a little bit each day while you’re sick can actually help you feel better. By participating in mild exercises and light cardio, your body temperature will increase, subsequently improving your immune system’s response to any colds or viruses that may be present in your body.

Wear cold, wet socks

Although it seems counterproductive, wearing a pair of cold, damp socks can actually help you heal. By soaking a pair of socks in cold water, your body will be stimulated, and as a result you’ll be much less congested. By the morning, your socks will likely be completely dry and you’ll wake up warm and feeling much better (here are step-by-step instructions for the “feet first” trick). Of course, don’t overdo it with this home remedy, as keeping your feet wet for extended periods of time can cause other health problems.

Enjoy a delicious… onion

Onions contain a lot of sulfur, which is helpful for immune responsiveness and detoxification. If chomping into a raw onion doesn’t sound appealing, simply cook up some onions in a nice vegetable or chicken broth, which is more of a classic cold remedy, and start feeling better right away.

While you can fight off most colds with these home remedies, rest, and recuperation, you should also seek professional medical attention if you’re in pain or believe your sickness could be something much more severe. Visit a trusted urgent care clinic for professional medical care.

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