What Kind of Medical Care Do Urgent Health Clinics Provide?

What Kind of Medical Care Do Urgent Health Clinics Provide?

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Without walk in health clinics, certain medical situations that would otherwise seem minor could spiral into serious problems. Luckily, there are urgent care centers across the United States, everywhere from Illinois to Hawaii, that can tend to all kinds of medical injuries, sickness, and any questions you might have about your health.

So what kind of care do urgent health clinics typically provide?

Here is a list of just some of the many injuries and diseases that urgent care facilities and their medical staff members can assist you with in just about any area of the country:

  • Fractures and bone breaks — Each year, roughly 6 million Americans break a bone in their bodies. Approximately 25,000 Americans even suffer from an ankle sprain every single day. Thankfully, four out of every five urgent care centers provide quality fracture care and can tend to these issues.
  • Burns — Suffering any kind of burn can be extremely painful and stressful. It’s best to visit an urgent care facility right away if you or any of your loved ones suffer a serious or minor burn.
  • Dizziness — Believe it or not, dizziness is actually the second most common health complaint heard in doctor’s offices across the country. In fact, dizziness will occur in 70% of the United States’ population at sometime in their lives.
  • Hydration issues — Heat stress and general well-being can often be closely linked to your hydration levels. The human body is approximately 60% to 78% water, which is essential for regulating body temperature. One of the best ways to prevent heat stress is to stay hydrated and skilled medical centers can help you.

Thankfully, 85% of urgent care health clinics are open seven days a week and can accommodate for just about any medical issue you’re having.

From minor fractures to severe burns, if you’re in need of immediate medical care, it’s important you visit a walk in health clinic as soon as possible. If you’re in Hawaii and are in need of medical attention, visit Island Urgent Care right away.

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