Parenting In the Heat: Dealing With Excessive Heat and Minor Burns

Parenting In the Heat: Dealing With Excessive Heat and Minor Burns

minor burnsAs a parent, there are so many things you have to watch out for. When it comes to your children, their health and wellbeing should be your number one concern at all times. You can do all you can to keep them safe, but accidents still happen, so it’s just as important to prevent things like minor burns as it is to keep them disease free.

Here are some great tips for preventing your young kids from getting burned around the house, how to deal with any burns in a timely fashion, and how to better handle some of the extreme heat waves we’ve been seeing as of late:

  • Soak any burned areas — As quickly as possible, it’s important to soak the burned area in cool water. If you can, simply run cool water over the burn long enough until your child says the pain has gone away. This will cool the area and alleviate pain, at least temporarily. Be sure to never rub the burn because that can lead to even worse issues including severe blistering.
  • Keep them cool and indoors — If it’s close to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, unless you’re planning a family trip to the beach or the pool, don’t let the kids play outside. It’s not worth it. They are just going to get extremely sweaty and hot, potentially leading to some serious heat-related health concerns. In a single year, as many as 175 Americans die due to extreme heat, according to the National Weather Service. So keep them inside and keep them cool when temperatures are nearing triple digits.
  • Cover any burned areas — If it’s too late and minor burns have already occurred, after you cool off the area, it’s best to cover the burn with a gauze pad or a clean cloth. Make sure you’re not attempting to cover the burn if the skin is still oozing, however. Additionally, be sure to use a sterile cover, and if you’re using a cloth, make sure it’s both clean and dry.

If you want to learn more about preventing your children from suffering major to minor burns, as well as dealing with minor fractures, visit Oahu urgent care centers right away.

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