Suffered a Serious Bone Fracture? Know These 4 Steps

Suffered a Serious Bone Fracture? Know These 4 Steps

walk inDealing with a bone break or even minor fractures can be a scary time. If you don’t know exactly what to do immediately after you are injured, you’re running the risk causing additional damage, perhaps even permanently. That’s why it’s so essential that every adult is fully aware of what steps need to be taken in the event of a bone break of fracture.

Whether it’s your injury or someone else’s, know the following information to avoid further injury:

  • Don’t move right away — If you break any part of your body, you should remain still until you have either been medically cleared or you are 100% sure that you’re not going to cause further injury. Additionally, if you are in the presence of someone who suffered a broken bone or serious fracture, make sure they are remaining still until a medical professional has cleared them for movement.
  • Stop the bleeding — To avoid serious health complications following a severe break, you should do everything you can to stop any bleeding that might be occurring. Apply pressure to your wound with a sterile bandage and a clean piece of clothing or cloth.
  • Apply ice for pain relief — Once you can move, grab an ice pack and apply it to your wound. Don’t apply directly to the skin, however. Wrap clean clothing material or a towel around the ice pack and apply to both relieve pain and decrease swelling.
  • Visit walk in health clinics — There are high quality walk in urgent care centers that you should visit in the event of a serious injury. Approximately four out of five urgent care facilities provide fracture care. Don’t neglect your care in these situations — get professional medical assistance right away.

Knowing exactly what to do in the event of a medical emergency is one of your biggest responsibilities as an adult. If you’re in need of immediate medical assistance and want to find a quality walk in care center, visit Island Urgent Care today.

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