How Summer Fun Can Put You In Urgent Care

How Summer Fun Can Put You In Urgent Care

  • leg fracture

leg fracture


Whether you are on vacation or just spending the day at the beach. A sudden medical emergency can ruin a beautiful summer day. Lucky for you it’s really easy to avoid the three most common reasons people end up in urgent care. Heat stroke, arm and leg fractures, and sun exposure can have a significant impact on your summer fun.

Heat Stroke

In summer, the most common reason people go to an urgent care center is heat stroke. This can occur when your body loses the ability to regulate your body temperature and begins to shut down. When afflicted by heat stroke you will begin to feel dizzy, nauseous, and confused. It can be as minor as a bad headache or as major as collapsing, the important thing is to treat all symptoms of heat stroke seriously. To avoid heat stroke the single most important thing you can do is drink more water. Staying hydrated helps keep your body more capable of regulating heat and the water itself can help to cool your core temperature. On very hot days, stay inside. The best way to beat the heat is by not giving it a fight in the first place.

Bone Fractures

When it comes to fractures, it doesn’t matter if its a leg fracture or an arm fracture you will definitely need to seek professional help. It’s important to maintain a healthy active lifestyle; however, that doesn’t mean you should forgo safety precautions when trying new fun excursions. Every year there are more than one million broken bones. If you are rock climbing for the first time, make sure to wear a harness, if you are surfing be aware at all times. The most common reason for broken bones when surfing is the depth of the water. Being aware of where you are in the water can prevent you from getting a leg fracture or even potentially breaking your neck. Safety is a huge part of every activity you do.

Sun Exposure

Fun in the sun stops being fun when you realize you’ve been baking yourself in it all day. Sunburns aren’t typically a serious medical issue. Most people who get sunburned will never need to go to urgent care, but its very easy to go from slightly burned to eyes welded shut severe skin trauma. Whether it’s your first time on the Hawaiian islands or not, you should always wear sunscreen. Yes, even if you tan. Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer, why put yourself in that situation when you don’t need to?

Being aware of, and avoiding these three common situations can prevent you from having to cut your fun short!

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