Tending to Minor Fractures: 4 Steps Before Receiving Medical Assistance

Tending to Minor Fractures: 4 Steps Before Receiving Medical Assistance

minor fractures

Minor fractures can strike anyone at any time, and they cause intense pain and serious health concerns down the road. Whether it’s an arm fracture, leg fracture, or ankle fracture, it’s imperative to address these medical issues right away.

Thankfully, four out of five urgent care facilities now provide care for major and minor fractures.

While awaiting medical attention for any minor fractures, here are some important steps you should take to alleviate pain and prepare for professional assistance:


    • Stop the bleeding — Once the fracture has occurred, you need to address any bleeding immediately. Losing too much blood can have serious consequences, potentially even fatal ones, so you need to stop any bleeding right away. Start by applying pressure to the fractured area with a sterile bandage. If you don’t have any bandages nearby, you can use a clean piece of clothing or a clean towel.


    • Immobilize the injured area — It’s important that you do not attempt to realign your bone, especially if it’s sticking out from the skin. If professional medical assistance isn’t readily available, you can attempt to splint and immobilize the injured area. Start by applying the splint right above and below the fractured area. Keep in mind that simply padding the splints down can help reduce discomfort.


    • Tend to the swelling and pain — Applying ice can help alleviate pain and limit swelling after an injury. Don’t apply ice directly to your skin or the wound, however. It’s recommended to wrap the ice inside a piece of cloth or towel and gently apply it to the injured area.


    • Treat for shock — If you notice that your breathing is rapid or in short bursts, you should lay down to avoid going into shock. If you feel like the fracture is causing you to faint, lie down right away. It’s best to lie down with your head slightly lower than the rest of your body and elevate your legs if you can.


Knowing how to tend to a fracture before you receive professional medical attention can help alleviate pain and prevent future issues. If you’re in need of fracture care or any other urgent medical services in Hawaii, visit Island Urgent Care for fast, affordable treatment.

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