Wellness Wednesday: 10 Tips for a Thinner Dinner (Holidays)

Wellness Wednesday: 10 Tips for a Thinner Dinner (Holidays)


10 Tips for a Thinner Dinner

The holidays are a time for family, cheer, friends, and a very important aspect…food. Lots and Lots of food. Some people have several Thanksgiving dinners with different groups. Christmas is much of the same, people travel to several houses in the same day to celebrate with loved ones. 

We feel guilty if we don’t eat the food provided and also feel guilty if we eat too much. So here are 10 tips for a thinner dinner during the Holidays!

  1. Get Active Early: Getting active early will be a kick start to your metabolism while also burning off some calories early in the day before the festivities start. Go on a morning run or lift weights to get active. 
  1. Eat Breakfast! You may think cutting calories before a big meal is a good way to not over eat, but that is incorrect. By eating breakfast you are starting your metabolism and will keep it going all day. Also your body will be satisfied and less likely to over eat later in the day. Eat a small but nutritious breakfast, like steel-cut oats, or an egg on a piece of whole grain toast. 
  2. Have Dinner Early: By eating a big meal earlier in the day your body will have time to fully digest the food while you are awake and active and not while you are sleeping. This also allows the food to digest and ready to get active in a family game of flag football or volleyball! 
  3. Don’t Drink All Your Calories! Be aware of the calories you are consuming by drinking them. Sometimes our favorite drinks have more calories than our favorite food! Watch our for the non-alcoholic drinks as well. Sugary sodas and juices contain tons of unnecessary calories. Don’t deprive yourself but after every drink have big glass of water. 
  1. Stay Hydrated: Drink water! Drinking water can help curve cravings throughout the day especially when wanting seconds. Try a glass of water before indulging in more food. Sometimes your body is really craving hydration and not more food. 
  2. Use a Smaller Plate: This is really easy. Use a smaller plate when eating dinner. Fit what you can and see how you feel. Most of the time we eat more than our body needs making us feel tired or sluggish. 
  3. Eat Mindfully: It is so easy to get into a conversation with family and friends and the next thing you know all your food is gone. Really take the time to chew each bite and listen to your body. It will let you know when it is full. 
  4. Cut Down On Oil: When preparing food try to cut down on the butter and oil used in your holiday dishes. There are so many substitutes when cooking and will make you feel better on the inside and out. 
  5. Get Outside! After the food has digested suggest a family game of volleyball or football to get active and burn off some calories. Not the athletic type? Take a family walk in a park or in your neighborhood! 
  1. Don’t Worry So Much! Don’t deny dessert or other foods that you love. Remember almost anything is OK in moderation. Stressing out about how much you have eaten can cause more damage. Spend time with loved ones and enjoy your favorite food. 
All of us at Island Urgent Care hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday. If you are in need of our care we are open Friday, November 24th, 2017 from 8am-5pm! 
Island Urgent Care Team

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